Encompassing 4,375 square meters, the project of the firm led by Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdeferro presents 35 apartments in the city of Girona, each containing six 12-square-meter rooms that sliding panels can join or separate, in accordance with program changes.

Designed to reduce its carbon footprint in the course of its life cycle, the building brings back the traditional structural wall typology for its above-ground part, using cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels. A single central core for vertical circulation elements gives access to all the floor-through apartments, the units with windows facing north and south. The construction system ensures good insulation and cross ventilation, as well as maximum harnessing of solar radiation. A gallery on the south side allows passive preheating of air in winter, and in summer it becomes a shaded space and the air needed for ventilation comes through the north facade instead.[+]

Obra Work
6x6 Block, Girona (Spain)

Arquitectos Architects
bosch.capdeferro arquitectura, Elisabet Capdeferro i Pla, Ramon Bosch i Pagès

Constructor Builder
Egoin / Alumilux / Jaume Fusters / Placoguix / Elèctrica Riam / EIS Girona / Estructuras Ultra / Telecta

Colaboradores Collaborators
Raül Elias Bramon (gestión de proyectos project manager); Arnau Arboix Sala (arquitecto architect); Xavier de Bolòs Prat (arquitectura técnica technical architecture); L3J arquitectura i enginyeria. Jaume Pastor (ingeniería engineering); Societat Orgànica + 10, s.c.c.l. Luca Volpi (sostenibilidad sustainability); Arquitectes consultors d’estructures Blázquez Guanter s.l.p. Lluís Guanter (estructuras structures); SiS consultoria acústica s.l. Francesc Sampedro (acústica acoustics); Incafust, Institut Català de la Fusta. Eduard Correal (control de calidad y asesoramiento quality control and consulting); Beñat Serna (departamento técnico Egoin Egoin technical department)

Fotografía Photographs
José Hevia