Redevelopment of Marià Lavèrnia street, Barcelona

bosch.capdeferro arquitectura 

The street Marià Lavèrnia stretches on top of the Turó de la Rovira, a 262-meter-high hill that was a privileged natural vantage point and stratefic site for defending Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War. Where afluent families had built summer homes at the start of the 20th century, anti-aircraft batteries and other military constructions went up. After the war, the place became a site for self-build and slums. In 2010 it once again became a space for collective use, thanks to an intervention that shows its history. The project of the Catalan practice of Ramon Bosch and Elisabet Capdeferro basically operates through topographical modification. Maintaining vehicular access, small terraced plazas with plants are placed along the street, for residents to appropriate as if they were extentions of their living rooms, the idea being to preserve and emphasize the domesticity that is a part of the history of the place. Bosch Capdeferro Arquitectura José Hevia