Bicycle Park, Chongming
Julien De Smedt 

Very close to Shanghai, the project consists of three parts; the Multipurpose Hall is seen as a hilly island with a flexible use, which also becomes a platform offering broad views of the complex.

The Bike Museum is the flagship of the park. It will function as a double helix that generates an interior space, to accommodate the museum, and an exterior public area used for cycling.

The Visitor Center is the entry landmark, functioning also as park information point. With a strong representative and symbolic character, the building reflects the technological calling of the project...[+]

Parque de la bicicleta
Bicycle Park, Chongming

JDS (Julien De Smedt)

Equipo de proyectoProject Team
J. De Smedt, F. Villeda, C. Marigo, D. Domínguez