Faced with the unrelenting growth of Shenzhen – half a century ago a simple fishing village but now a cutting-edge megalopolis – a rigorous environmental policy was implemented, unprecedented in the country, to regulate the proliferating industrial and residential neighborhoods, and with this protect the natural spaces surrounding the Pearl River Delta city. Preserve but also leverage; this is the idea behind the ambitious project, covering 600 hectares, by which a fragment of Shenzhen, in Guangming District, would connect with the extensive forest beside it.

An elevated walkway rendered in a distinctive red takes off from the more urban part of the site, and stretches through the territory in a gentle but constant inclination, stitching together forest paths and slopes in such a way that lovers of outdoor activities can reach more remote mountain points comfortably and safely. A variety of services carried out in successive phases dots the route: lookout points, cafés, and washrooms designed as prefab pavilions to minimize impact on the enclave.