Assembly and Arts Building Aiglon College

Assembly and Arts Building Aiglon College


The construction, consisting of three reinforced concrete volumes – two emerging from the mountain and one buried – modifies the existing geography just minimally. Each body has its own characteristics, adapting the complex to its Alpine context. 

The piece located west has a sloping roof to harbor an auditorium. Its textured facade with a wood formwork evokes a neighboring house and is combined with the east one, with a neutral texture and flat roof, functioning as a terrace or ‘belvedere.’ ... [+]

Obra Work

Assembly and Arts Building Aiglon College

Arquitecto Architect

Eduardo Souto de Moura, André Campos

Fecha del proyecto Date of the project


Cliente Client

Aiglon College

Área construida Built area

2.660 m²

Equipo Team

João Mota, Marta Trigueira, Nuno Mateus

Consultores Consultant

AFA consult (ingeniería de estructuras, eléctrica, mecánica e hidraúlica structure, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering)

Fotógrafo de maquetas Model photographer

Arménio Teixeira

Imágenes 3D 3D images

Rui Paiva