Porto do Son Harborfront (Spain)
Creus e Carrasco  r v r arquitectos 

 So close is the sea’s bond with Porto do Son that in the past, the sandy spots of the beach reached all the way to the first streets of the municipality, located in the Galician province of A Coruña. Barges, fish-salting factories, and shipyards occupied this space which, with the modern development of harbor activity, became blurred and severed from the urban core. A reorganization was carried out to address the need to regulate new activities, pacify the coexistence of pedestrians and vehicles, and above all reestablish the historical link to the berth, creating a succession of amenities for strolling, stopping, and socializing with rough-hewn concrete as the connecting elenment: esplanades, tiers, and lookout points marked by a framework of wooden posts and beams that hark back to old drying structures.

Foto cortesía de Creus e Carrasco