Sharing Experience

Arquia New Headquarters

Sharing Experience

Arquia New Headquarters


In line with the opening of the new Arquia headquarters at Tutor 16 in Madrid, a forum was held there on 30 November, titled ‘Sharing Experience,’ in which prominent architecture figures, with Luis Fernández-Galiano as moderator, voiced their reflections on the here and now of the profession and the world.

Jacques Herzog / Rafael Moneo / Juan Navarro Baldeweg / Fuensanta Nieto / Antonio Ortiz / Carme Pinós / Eduardo Souto de Moura / Emilio Tuñón

The event can be watched in this link.

Luis Fernández-Galiano

Rafael Moneo and Luis Fernández-Galiano

Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Emilio Tuñón and Eduardo Souto de Moura

Antonio Ortiz

Juan Navarro Baldeweg and Rafael Moneo

Arquia Banca is a financial entity created by architects in 1983 to cater to professionals like them, and its foundation has become the leading institution devoted to promoting architecture in Spain. Its grants have given over 500 young architects the opportunity to work in top Spanish and European practices, and its program producing publications as well as audiovisuals and videos maintains a high standard of excellence and rigor that has made it a benchmark. Historically located in Barcelona, the foundation’s central services now transfers to Madrid to occupy a building at Calle Tutor that Emilio Tuñón has refurbished, and the move is being celebrated with a conference to be held on the new premises on 30 November 2022. The street Tutor recalls Agustín Argüelles, the liberal politician and diplomat who served as tutor to Queen Isabel II and also as librarian at Holland House – destroyed, sadly, by shelling in 1940 – during his exile in London, and in honor of whom a whole Madrid neighborhood is named. The happy toponymic coincidence has been harnessed in the organization of this gathering of eminent architects willing to share their experiences with young people, in a manner not too different from the personal and professional guidance that a tutor gives. Almost two centuries ago the young architect Heinrich Hübsch published a controversial book, In What Style Should We Build?. We can perhaps now also ask: What architecture should we promote? – directing the question at prestigious authors in the knowledge that they will throw light on the difficult moment that the profession and the world at large is undergoing, and so that they can with their presence support Fundación Arquia’s endeavors to uphold architectural culture and contribute to the training of the young.

La Vanguardia: Vuit arquitectes i vuit cartes sobre el futur de l’arquitectura

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