History Accelerated


The monotonous rhythm of the seasons and days hardly concurs with the beat of history, which either halts or quickens, like a heart asleep or gone wild. The fall of the wall initiated a period of uncertainty that augured cardiac arrhythmias, but nothing prepared us for the vertiginous succession of events that made 1991 one of the fastest years of the century, so full of irreversible changes and historic fractures. It began with a war in the Persian Gulf that was impossible to associate with any previous military conflict, not only because of the technological disparity of the adversaries but also on account of the virtual and phantasmagoric nature of its media coverage, and closed with a good part of Europe signing the Maastricht Treaty for a Union that traced an unprecedented political geography for the continent. And between the ‘desert storm’ that put the post-Berlin world order to the test, and the shared dream of the United States of Europe, a convulsion in the East that shattered the Soviet Union to pieces and tore the Yugoslavian Federation altogether, giving rise to a handful of new countries that made it necessary to redraw all maps...[+]

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