Paulo Mendes da Rocha: five essential works


Paulistano Athletic Club Gymnasium, São Paulo​

AV Monographs no. 161 'Paulo Mendes da Rocha: 1958-2013' covers the career of the Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Pritkzer Prize laureate of 2006. With introductory texts by Guilherme Wisnik and José María García del Monte, experts on the Brazilian master,the issue includes twenty-two works that sum up a extensive production based on the possibilities of technique to solve architectural and urban issues. The list of key works includes the Paulistano Athletic Club Gymnasium, the Mendes da Rocha House, the Brazilian Pavilion for the Osaka Expo, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, the Chapel of St Peter, and his most recent buildings in his home city of Vitória and in Lisbon.

Paulistano Athletic Club Gymnasium, 1958-1961, São Paulo​ (Brazil)

In 1958, at the age of 29, Paulo Mendes da Rocha won the national competition for the construction of the Paulistano Athletic Club Gymnasium, a work that merited, three years later, a major prize in the 6th International Biennial of São Paulo... [+]

Mendes da Rocha House, 1964-1967, São Paulo​ (Brazil)

Built with in situ concrete but initially designed to be prefabricated, the twin houses for Mendes da Rocha and his sister stand one next to the other on a descending hillside in the residential district of Butantã, in São Paulo... [+]

Brazilian Pavilion for Expo ’70, 1969-1970, Osaka (Japan)

The same year that the military dictatorship took away the civil rights that allowed him to practice architecture in his own country, Paulo Mendes da Rocha won the competition to design the pavilion that would represent Brazil... [+]

Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, 1986-1995, São Paulo​ (Brazil)

Under a large concrete beam, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture unfolds along a sequence of partially buried platforms that guide visitors from the exterior to the interior without interruption. Located in a residential district in which... [+]

Chapel of San Pedro, 1987-1989, Campos do Jordão Paulo​ (Brazil)

In the town of Campos do Jordão, the Chapel of Saint Peter sits by Boa Vista Palace, the former winter residence of the São Paulo State Government, which currently functions as a museum. Reinterpreting the adjoining position... [+]

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