Field of Stars


This year cannot be summed up with joy, but must be closed with hope. In the all too habitual cataclysm of horror and chaos, optimism encounters constellations of birds and comets. Although the year’s end is conducive to sound and fury, Joan Miró’s centenary tinges 1993 with a lyrical pale shadow that lifts its darkness

One could say that this cruel circular year began with the echoes of a bankruptcy and ended with the voices of another. Then its architectural images would be two sterile monuments to greed and megalomania: the unfinished KIO Towers, eventually sold at auction to the creditors of the Kuwaiti investment group, and PSV’s never built armillary sphere, whose first and only stone cost the syndicate UGT’s housing developer a sum of 1,700 million pesetas. Shoddy in architecture and trivial as engineering works, the leaning towers on Plaza de Castilla and the punctured balloon of the Valdebernardo development symbolize, smack in the nation’s capital, the failure of the financial north and of the cooperative south that were the two souls of the socialists’ modernizing program - a project injured by crises and scandals, but finally salvaged by Felipe González’s charisma in the general elections of June...[+]

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