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Personalized homes in demand


Homes designed and built on the basis of consumer specifications – in accordance with the style, needs, and priorities of the to-be occupant – have in the past few years been a growing trend in the real estate market.

Whether a small apartment or a large residence, personalized dwellings cover a wide range of prices and styles. Within the confines imposed by any particular budget and location, the possibilities are countless.

For so personalized a space, the options to choose from are many, numbering in the thousands, from the size and number of rooms to the materials and the position of a balcony or terrace as well as the finishes and services. Direct consulation with architects, designers, contractors, and interior decorators at different stages are of the essence in working toward the desired result.

Because of all the decisions to be made, the bespoke process is more complex than in traditional projects. There is more participation and planning on the part of buyers, who must decide how exactly they wants their abodes. The Valencia-based firm Designable boasts a solid career giving profesional advice in modern house design, and thanks to technology, any desired scheme can be carried.

Designable provides service without intermediaries and on an agreed budget. Its projects are sustainable, using carbon-neutral materials and prefabrication systems in city centers. The objective is to reduce wastes and CO2 emissions during construction and over the life span of the house. Designable’s buildings optimize thermal insulation and ventilation, promoting energy self-sufficiency in domestic architecture and thus playing a part in giving the planet a breather.

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