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Wooden houses: a new fashion or a tradition that never went away?

Maestro Casas 

Wooden house Tinto

Headquartered in Lithuania and with 30 years of experience to show for,  Maestro Casas - fabrica de casas de madera, is an enterprise specialized in building prefabricated timber dwellings in a wide range of designs. Each house can be custom-designed through a personalized advisor, adapted to the tastes and needs of the client as well as to the terrain and climate conditions of the location. The firm takes care of the entire production process, transport, and construction, in accordance with local codes. All the wood used by Maestro Casas comes from forests in northern Finland and Russia, and bears the European PEFC seal.

In view of the boom in timber constructions, the Lithuanian company is calling attention to its broad experience in prefab wooden constructions as a sustainable and low-cost alternative in housing. Because no complex systems are required to obtain and store timber, the processes involved in working with it tend to be more economical, not to mention that wood is easier to transport than other materials. It is also important that building with wood requires less labor and takes less time: a house can be ready in a month. Wood is an ecological material which has the additional strength of having a high insulation capacity, reducing the need for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Wooden House Urmia XL

Wooden house Victoria

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