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Jansen, ‘building with steel and style’


Naturgas headquarter. Bilbao, Spain

There has has been plenty of incentive, through refurbishments and renovations, to adapt buildings to the general need for energy efficiency and sustainability, and of late also to gear domestic spaces for periods of pandemic.

Under the banner of ‘Building with steel and style,’ the Swiss company Jansen – manufacturer of steel profiles for windows, doors, and facades – presents new frame solutions with which to modernize classic buildings while preserving their essence and the dimensions of their original joineries. With special attention to detail and simplicity, Jansen’s new series pays tribute to the 1920s, particularly the large glass surfaces and light steel columns that became a badge of identity of new buildings at a time when the Bauhaus school had already been founded and steel became a widespread construction material.

The Janisol Arte 2.0 line was developed for the restoration of industrial glazings, lofts, and listed historical buildings, as well as for renovations and new buildings. Its slender profiles – inspired by that decade – incorporates thermal bridging. Jansen Art´15, with the same dimensions and a similar aesthetic but without the thermal break, is intended for designing light-flooded interiors with a complete array of profiles, fittings, and accessories.

Jansen Arte 2.0

Jansen Art 15

Citröen Headquarter. Lyon, France

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