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Airzone in the R&Roll Houses in Valencia


Image: Adrián Mora Maroto. R&Roll Houses, Rafelbuñol, Valencia. 

Located in Rafelbunyol (Valencia), these two single-family  R&Roll are the work of the firm headed by Rafael Ortega and Raquel Marcos, who obtained Passivhaus Plus certification in 2019 thanks to the system’s reduced energy consumption.

The certificate states that the system’s demand for renewable primary energy is less than 45 kWh/m²a, and its generation of renewable energy, less than 60 kWh/m2 (the building’s predicted footprint). Built in concrete and with a domotic solar protection system, the project was carried out in collaboration with  Airzone, a company specialized in smart climate control solutions, thus meeting all energy efficiency objectives. Airzone’s RadianT365-Radiadores and Flexa solutions bring energy consumption down to a minimum, thereby lowering the need for zone-specific artificial heating and cooling in the dwellings.

R&Roll Houses, Rafelbuñol, Valencia.

R&Roll Houses, Rafelbuñol, Valencia.

RadianT365-Radiadores is a wireless Plug and Play solution that simplifies the connection, with wireless thermostatic heads making it possible to zone the installation with radiators and adapt to the building’s centralized heating system.


BMS Technology / Domotic and IoT

Flexa is a system for controlling centralized units in both residential and service-sector buildings. It is compatible with Inverter/VRF and hydronic units alike. It allows regulating zoned heating through a module for controlling radiant elements.

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