Domestic Dawns at Museo ICO


Domestic Dawns at Museo ICO


On view through 15 January 2023 at the Museo ICO in Madrid is ‘Domestic Dawns: Collective Housing Issues in 21st-Century Europe’, an invitation to reflect on the main concepts on which the new livability of residential buildings is based. Curated by Andrés Cánovas, Carmen Espegel, and José María de Lapuerta, the exhibition presents 28 multi-household complexes built in 10 European countries in the period 2000-2021. They are organized in 7 categories – Climate Awareness, Active Recharging, Domestic Care, New Management, Urban Contexts, Living and Sharing, Iconic Identities – that precede a Covid epilogue. Seven interiors of the selected buildings are reproduced, all furnished, at a scale of 1:1.

The curators conducted a thorough study that involved cataloguing close to 2,500 apartment buildings in Europe. These were reduced to 54 cases in the book Housetag: European Collective Housing 2000-2021. A new synthesis was carried out for the current show,

As is usual in Museo ICO’s programming, visitors can have a guided walk through the exhibition. Reserve here.

Cooperativa de viviendas La Borda. Lacol SCCL. España, 2012-2019. Foto: IMHAB

Life Reusing Posidonia. Alfonso Reina Ferragut, Antonio Martín Procopio, Carles Oliver Barceló, Xim Moyá Costa. España, 2009-2017

Torre Júlia. Pau Vidal, Sergi Pons, Ricard Galiana. España, 2009-2011

Transformación de 530 viviendas en Grand Parc. Lacaton & Vassal,  F. Druot, C. Hutin. Francia, 2011-2017

Bedre Billigere Boliger. Juul & Frost. Dinamarca, 2001-2008. Foto: Line Stybe Vestergaard

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