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Fisac / Sota

A Centenary Tribute


For the centenary of Miguel Fisac (Daimiel, 1913–Madrid, 2006) and Alejandro de la Sota (Pontevedra, 1913–Madrid, 1996), the ICO Museum in Madrid hosts an exhibition on the life and work of both masters of modern Spanish architecture. Curated by Carlos Asensio-Wandosell and Moisés Puente, on view until 16 February 2014, it brings together over 500 documents (drawings, models, photographs, furniture pieces, etc.) that together serve to illustrate twelve selected buildings, six by each author, including emblems like the Center for Hydrographic Studies and Santa Ana Church in Madrid, by Fisac, and the Tarragona Civil Government building and the Maravillas School Gymnasium, by Sota.

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