Art and Culture  Exhibition 

‘Essentials: David Chipperfield Architects 1985-2015’

The Reasons of Form

Ángela Baldellou 

David Chipperfield is serious, pensive, as he moves among the models of his most representative works of the last thirty years. By his side is Fulvio Irace, chair of History of Contemporary Architecture at the School of Design at Milan Polytechnic, curator of the exhibition that has just opened in Madrid. He nods in agreement, watches, comments before addressing the press. Then, amid noise, silence; amid fireworks, a tenuous play of lights and shadows; amid ephemeral forms, bold masses; amid indefinition, pure lines, clear-cut volumes, bright ideas, and the reasons behind form. The ICO Museum gives us an indispensable sampling of the career of an architect of the kind who create schools and remain above fashions because their works rest on “what really matters.”...

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