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RCR at Madrid’s ICO Museum

Metáforas construidas

Carlos Jiménez 

The ICO Museum is definitely a key site for disseminating architectural culture in Madrid. In the last few years the ICO Foundation has staged exhibitions on the work of masters like Miguel Fisac and Alejandro de la Sota, comprehensive retrospectives of the work of Juan Navarro Baldeweg and David Chipperfield, as well as thematic exhibitions like ‘Spain mon amour’ and ‘The Architect is Present.’ The most recent of these engaging exhibitions is ‘RCR Arquitectes. Shared Creativity,’ on view from 24 February to 5 August 2016. The thoughtfully designed exhibition documents the trajectory of RCR Arquitectes since their founding in Olot, Girona, in 1987. It presents the intertwined lives and work of three longtime friends: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramón Vilalta. ‘Shared Creativity’ is organized as if in a hall of mirrors and conversations, flowing images, and reflections emanating from a practice spanning close to thirty years. We discover how the three partners in RCR Arquitectes work in unison with their collaborators, clients, and the unique volcanic landscape of the Catalan region of La Garrotxa that so deeply informs their architecture. We also understand the constant, intimate dialogue between Rafael, Carme, and Ramón, best captured in a telling photograph that shows the three partners immersed in individual yet choral communion around a mountainous table, surrounded by books and reflective surfaces from floor to wall to ceiling (...)

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