Longchamp Racecourse
First Prize

Longchamp Racecourse

First Prize

In order to turn the racecourse into an icon for the horse racing world, the project includes refurbishment works, new construction, and landscaping, adding up to a total of 22,000 m2 of built areas and 70,000 m2 of green spaces.

The most important intervention replaces the pre-existing grandstands with a single platform, the Jockey-Club Grandstand. It includes 10,000 seats at different levels, aside from pubs and restaurants, staff areas, reception and press rooms... [+]

Obra Work

Longchamp Racecourse

Cliente Client


Asistencia Propiedad Property Assistance


Arquitecto Architect

Dominique Perrault

Dirección artística Art direction

Gaëlle Lauriot-Prevost

Arquitectos del proyecto Project architects

Richard Nguyen, Gweltaz Keromnes

Colaboradores Collaborators

Rémi Mendes, Margarita Sánchez, Sylvain Combaluzier, Ricardo Lorenzana, Stéphane Allaire, Julien Fuentes, François Ranson, Guillaume Picard, Takeshi Yamamura, Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni, Hye-Lee Lim, Joana Costa, Francesco Vinci, Nanako Ishizuka

Consultores Consultant

Perrault Projets (ingeniería arquitectónica architectural engineering); Tractebel Ingineering (estructura structures); Terrell (fachadas facades); Oteis (ingeniería de fluidos, electricidad, clima, energía e incendios fluids engineering, electricity, weather, energy and fire safety); Agence Ter (paisaje landscape); Jean-Paul Lamoureux (acústica acoustics); Renaud Picard (museografía museography); Axio (economista economist); AADT (prevención de riesgos, accesibilidad risk prevention, accessibility)

Croquis Sketches

© Dominique Perrault, © Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost

Imágenes y planos Images and drawings

© Dominique Perrault Architecture