Villa Nurbs, Empuriabrava
Cloud 9  Enric Ruiz-Geli 

Villa Nurbs, Empuriabrava

Cloud 9  Enric Ruiz-Geli 

Born in Figueras in 1968, Enric Ruiz Geli graduated at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, also the city where he established his studio, Cloud 9. Ruiz Geli is currently involved in the construction of Villa Nurbs, a single-family house located in Empuriabrava, and whose design is inspired by the idea of a thawing ice block. The metal structure that supports the enclosure rests on a concrete base that is itself held by two supports. Towards the south the enclosure is opaque and built with membranes of EPDM (an elastomer used to build boats) that are covered with lacquered ceramic pieces. These protect the interior spaces from adverse weather conditions and high temperatures. In contrast, the north facade is translucent and has an enclosure of milar slats and kevlar fibers (a polyamide that is five times more resistant than steel and also used in nautics), covered with curved pieces of an artificial stone...[+]

Cliente Client 
Familia Gallego 

Arquitectos Architects 
Cloud9/Enric Ruiz Geli 

Colaboradores Collaborators 
F. Fassbinder, J. Fernández Río (directores de proyecto project leaders); A.Mallol, M. Carreiro, E. Ruffo, R. Duque, A.Macedo, U. Carvalho, H. Young Yu, M. Yebra, M. Durant, A. Pinto ,R. Holl, W. Arbizu, M. Zinnecker, L. Jutgla, M. Soler, M. Kelly-Sweeney, A. Faticanti, S. Bodach, A. Brosel; D. Benito Pó, X. Badía, A. Mallol (aparejadores quantity surveyors

Consultores Consultants
Boma (estructura structure); PGI (instalaciones mechanical engineer); Estudi Ramon Folch (medioambiente enviroment); F. Amat, T. Cumella (cerámica ceramic); V. Colombet, D. Haim/Galería Chanim, Cricursa (vidrio glass); Calderería Delgado (estructura metálica steel structure); Covertex (hinchables ETFE ETFE cushions); BEC (cables de acero y fijación cerámica steel cables and ceramic fastening); S. Vila/IFV (piel de corian corian skin); R. Presta (carpintería metálica steel frames); WRT/Margie Rudick, Frei Otto, Ebner-Ullman (paisajismo landscape

Contratista Contractor 
Obres i Construccions Joan Fustè 

Fotos Photos 
Lluís Ros