Villa Stgilat, Begur

Cloud 9  Enric Ruiz-Geli 

This experimental house in Aiguablava (Girona) has two principal characteristic features: the sustainable way it engages with its surroundings and the manner in which it is built. The first results from adapting to the topography, respecting the property’s natural garden, using an organic geometry that evokes certain forms of nature, making the swimming pool serve as a rainwater collector, and selecting natural materials. As for the construction, the most unique aspect of the project is the direct inspiration taken from the eastern Spanish ceramic vault (volta catalana), a very light and effective solution that makes large spans possible through small pieces of brick that work simply by compression. Apart from its extraordinary mechanical performance, further enhanced by reinforcing the structure with fiberglass, the team of architects – in collaboration with the reputed ceramist Toni Cumella – resorted to the Catalan vault by virtue of its Mediterranean system and material, guarantees of exceptional energy performance: because of its thermal inertia and porosity, it is capable of improving the climate conditions of the inhabited space in the summer and in the winter alike...

Obra Work

Villa Stgilat Aiguablava

Arquitectos Architects

Enric Ruiz Geli; Marc Zaragoza (arquitecto principal principal architect); Víctor Llanos, Felix Fassbinder, Mireia Luzárraga (coordinación coordination); Alberto Delgado, Iker Mugarra, Stuart Maggs, Chiara Paolini, Edgar Fenoy, Kenneth Arnold, Marga Ruiz, Kass Kajang, Dori Sadan, Victor Comeche, Mila Moskalenko, Carla Bach, Niccolo Marini (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Claudia Galicia (ingeniería de edificación building engineer); Jose Montsuñer (asesor técnico technical adviser); BAC Engineering Consultancy, Antoni Ortí, Alicia Huguet (estructura structure); CECAM (geotecnia geotechnics); Francisco Solana (ingeniería de fibra de vidrio fiberglass engineering); David Casadevall (acústica acoustic); PGI group, David Tusset, Daniel Vilavedra (energía energy); R&B Composites, Daniel Rodríguez, David Barrio (composite); Cerámica Cumella, Toni Cumella (cerámica ceramics); Vidres Berni, Miquel Larreula (vidrio glass); Buresinnova, Silvia Bures (paisajismo landscape design); Pedro Martín (jardín garden); Luxone, Juanjo Cuadros (automatización home automation)

Contratista Contractor

Daró La Bisbal, Manel Jaén, Juli Jaén  

Fotos Photos

José Hevia


Obra Work

Pabellón Stgilat Stgilat Pavilion

Arquitecto Architect

Enric Ruiz Geli

Colaboradores Collaborators

Art Center College of Design; David Mocarski, Nik Hafermaas (jefe de la colaboración A.C. A.C. collaboration chairman); James Meraz, Jason Pilarsky, Kenneth Cameron (profesores professors); Colin Honigman (colaboración artística artist collaboration); Wen Han, Marc Dubui, Sean Chen, Andrew Walton (estudiantes students); Elizabeth Collins, Regina Dowling, Ronit Droker (coordinación A.C. A.C. coordination)