Barbecue Pavilion, Asunción
Gabinete de Arquitectura 

Barbecue Pavilion, Asunción

Gabinete de Arquitectura 

In the countries of the Southern Cone or Antarctic America, a quincho is a small pavilion usually installed at the back of urban lots and used during family celebrations as a venue for conversation around a barbecue grille. In this one of ‘Aunt Coral,’ built on a property in the city of Asunción, the most striking feature is a large pergola that stretches the entire breadth of the lot’s rear part without ever touching the ground, and which works as a lattice. What’s unique about this garden structure is that it stays clear of the usual conventional image of a technocratic lattice: it was constructed through completely artisanal methods. The diagonals are executed with pieces prefabricated right on the site, made of bits and pieces of ceramic and recycled glass that were mixed with mortar and put into a simple mold; pieces which, when finally arranged in an orderly sequence, hardly need any steel tauteners to form the rigid structure that dapples the ground of the property with shapely shadows...

Obra Work
Quincho de tía Coral, Asunción (Paraguay) Barbecue pavilion.

Arquitectos Architects
Gabinete de Arquitectura / Solano Benítez, Gloria Cabral, Solanito Benítez.

Colaboradores Collaborators  
C. Abente, M. Marchi.

Consultores Consultants  
Julio Álvarez (estructura structure).

Fotos Photos
Federico Cairoli.