Rolling Bridge, London
Heatherwick Studio 

Rolling Bridge, London

Heatherwick Studio 

Located in Paddington Basin, just south of London’s Little Venice, the Rolling Bridge provides an extraordinary spectacle for those visiting, living, and working in the area, the 12-meter long footbridge opens by changing from a single solid platform into a circular structure which sits on the banks of the canal.

Rather than design a single rigid element that moves to allow traffic through, the Rolling Bridge opens by slowly and smoothly curling until it changes from a straight pedestrian bridge into a circular structure. The bridge is made from eight steel sections and laid with dark timber decking which brings warmth to the structure and a soft platform for pedestrians. The concept came from a desire to produce a bridge that would open in a more sensuous manner, transforming itself entirely rather than simply lifting up and out of the way.

The Rolling Bridge uses a complex system of hydraulic rams which sit vertically on the bridge and lift joints in its handrail causing the whole structure to fold. As it folds, each of the eight sections is simultaneously lifted, causing it to curl until the two ends touch and form a circle.

Obra Work

Rolling Bridge

Cliente Client

Paddington Basin Development Corporation  

Arquitectos Architects

Heatherwick Studio; Thomas Heatherwick (dirección de diseño design director); Stuart Wood (dirección de proyecto project leader); Kieran Gaffney (equipo team)  

Colaboradores Collaborators

DJW Consulting, Gardiner & Theobald, Mace, Montagu Evans, Primary Fluid, Littlehampton Welding, Ron Packman, Solent Fluid Power, SKM Anthony Hunts, Power