Artist Studios, Aberystwyth
Heatherwick Studio 

Artist Studios, Aberystwyth

Heatherwick Studio 

With the purpose of offering an incentive for creative people and keeping students from moving to cities like London or Birmingham, the Royal Institute of British Architects, on behalf of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, called a competition to build eighteen affordable workspaces. Rather than one big building, the studio decided to make nine smaller ones, connected by a footpath and arranged in a curve, which would cost less and reduce the impact on the landscape. The buildings, each divided into two independent workspaces, are simple, pitch-roofed, timber-framed structures that have been split down the middle and pulled apart to make space for a skylight.

The cladding had to be durable as well as affordable and suggestive, so the studio chose an innovative solution developed ex profeso, and wrapped the building with stainless steel sheets, very thin so that they would be much cheaper and made to deform. This apparent defect was taken as a virtue, creating a crinkled surface resembling aluminum foil, reinforced with sprayed insulating foam. The result is a texturized envelope that blends with its environment as the tree leaves and the sky create a play of reflections.

Obra Work

Aberystwyth Artist Studios

Cliente Client

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University  

Arquitectos Architects

Heatherwick Studio; Thomas Heatherwick (dirección de diseño design director); Ole Smith (dirección de proyecto project leader); Peter Ayres, Tom Chapman-Andrews, Mark Burrows, Lucia Fraser, Craig Henderson, Pikyan Luk, Julian Saul, Craig Stephenson (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Adrian Tester, A.L.L Hughes & Sons, AWS Turner Fain, B3 Saftey, David Langdon, Edwards & Owen, EOM Electrical Contractors, Gareth Pugh Steel Framed Buildings, Lowfields Timber Frames, Max Fordham Consulting Engineers, Natura Light Systems, Packman Lucas, Renotherm

Fotos Photos

Edmund Sumner; James Whitaker