Maggie’s Yorkshire, Leeds
Heatherwick Studio 

Maggie’s Yorkshire, Leeds

Heatherwick Studio 

Maggie’s Centres are places where people with cancer, and their friends and families, can go to find free practical and emotional support. Heatherwick Studio was commissioned to design a new center at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds. The site chosen was the last patch of greenery at the hospital. The six-meter difference in level across the site would typically dictate a building dug into the slope – instead, the studio chose to follow its natural contours, so that at the highest point, visitors would have views of the Yorkshire Dales.

The pillars of support at Maggie’s are the counselling rooms, so these were placed, like three pavilions, organized around a heart and at changing levels of the slope. The space between them accommodates the common areas of the center, resulting in an inviting open space, simple for visitors to navigate, connecting all the areas to the garden.

The studio looked at the qualities that make a building a home; the use of warm, natural materials, the way that objects are used to express individuality, the combination of private spaces and places where people can come together, and gentle lighting.

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Maggie’s Yorkshire

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Maggie’s Trading Ltd

Arquitectos Architects

Heatherwick Studio; Thomas Heatherwick (dirección de diseño design director); Mat Cash (dirección de grupo group leader); Neil Hubbard, Rebeca Ramos (dirección de proyecto project leader); Peter Ayres, Mark Bagguely, Einar Blixhavn, Erich Breuer, Mark Burrows, Darragh Casey, Michael Chomette, Ben Dudek, Antoine van Erp, Alex Flood, Matthew Gilbert, Hayley Henry, Etain Ho, Kong Hoang, Peter King, Gergely Kovacs, Nick Ling, Sayaka Namba, Charmaine Ng, Juan Oyarbide, Monika Patel, Hannah Parker, Luke Plumbley, Gabriel Piovanetti, Ivan Ucros Polley, Enrique Pujana, Luis Samanez, Ahira Sanjeet, Wendy Smith, Cliff Tan, Angel Tenorio, Ruth Vatcher, Meera Yadave, Artur Zakrzewski, Chen Zhan (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

AKT II, Balston Agius, Gardiner & Theobald, Light Bureau, Max Fordham Consulting, Sir Robert Mcalpine, Blumer-Lehmann AG, Olsson Fire, Robert Lombardelli Partnership, P.P. O’Connor, John Wright

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