Sports Palace, Badalona

Francesc Rius i Camps  Esteve Bonell 

This elegant vessel expresses both the Olympic pride of Barcelona in 1992 and the proletarian dignity of an industrial enclave. Used for professional basketball practice, and as the headquarters of a mythical local team, the building assumes a leading role as a new point of reference in a heterogeneous and undefined urban environment. Two structures are discerned in the oval-shaped floor, which opens in one of its extremes to create the monumental entrance of a stepped plaza. One encloses the great central space and the other organizes the entrances and circulation of the perimeter. The industrial roof with a serrated profile is resolved with six great box beams connected by a longitudinal rib. Evoking the interiors of old cathedrals, the structural framework lends luminous solemnity to the liturgy of sports practice.