Exhibition Hall, León (stage project)
Dominique Perrault 

Exhibition Hall, León (stage project)

Dominique Perrault 

Located on a strategic site across from the AVE station, the sugar refinery of Santa Elvira is ready to start working again. The project links two differentiated spaces that, in a symbiotic manner, serve and complement one another.

In the first place, the space for the trade fair: a multipurpose area, designed to house different events and with the possibility of expanding by opening up to the square proposed in its exterior, or of breaking up into smaller size units.?A space protected by a mineral, photovoltaic and translucent roof, whose energy production is able to permit its functioning in a sustainable manner. The project will be carried out almost entirely combining glass and steel. Steel will be used for the roof structures and window frames, and also as cladding material in the form of perforated sheet, whereas the glass will be equipped with sun control systems on the facades.

On the other hand, the proposal contemplates the almost total recovery of the old sugar refinery of Santa Elvira; an ‘illuminated factory’ of flexible program whose chimney is working again, this time with the role of supplying the interior spaces of the building with preclimatized air thanks to an underground plenum.

Cliente Client

Ayuntamiento de León

Arquitectos Architects

Dominique Perrault Architecture

Colaboradores Collaborators

Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost (dirección artística artistic direction), Julien Boitard, David Chinea, Tomás Díaz, David Domínguez, Juan Fernández Andrino, Julien Fuentes, Aline Hielscher, Klaus Linderberger, Ricardo Lorenzana Fuciños, Yue Gu, Filipe Lourenco, Mark Marten, Jérôme Michel, Sina Momtaz, Miza Mucciarelli, Misse Nikaes, Miguel Orellana, Jérôme Picard, Nelly Prazeres, Francesco Vinci, Carlos Wendt

Consultores Consultants

NB-35 (ingeniería structural engineering); TYPSA (instalaciones mechanical engineering); Arcadio Conde Macías (aparejador quantity surveyor); Jean-Paul Lamoureux (acústica e iluminación acoustics and lighting engineering)