Beijing Qianmen Office
Kengo Kuma 

Beijing Qianmen Office

Kengo Kuma 

The site in Qianmen East is located within walking distance of Beijing landmarks like Tiananmen Square and Chang’an Avenue, and it used to be a district with many classical Qing/Ming-styled courtyard-houses. However, with the explosive growth of population in big cities, these houses were divided among residents and began to be occupied by people who were strangers to each other. As a result, the historical siheyuan (courtyard-houses belonging to a prominent family) became slums. The project, which transforms one of these constructions into an office and a cafeteria, is the first within a larger initiative to regenerate the area with new low-rise structures that, combined with other uses, create a sense of community.

To connect the courtyard with the street, the thick brick perimeter opens up with large stretches of curtain wall. On top of both elements, a light latticework made of assembled aluminum elements formally evokes the huagechuang pattern, typically used to build screens in old Chinese constructions. This enclosure creates a bright interior atmosphere of controlled transparencies, framed by the original wood structure, carefully restored by local carpenters.

Obra Work

Beijing Qianmen

Cliente Client

Tianjie Group

Arquitectos Architects

Kengo Kuma & Associates, Kengo Kuma, Hirokatsu Asano (socios encargados partners in charge); Chuhao Pan (equipo de proyecto project team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Yangguang Architecture Design (arquitecto local local architect); Muhwa Construction Co., Ltd (ingeniería de fachada facade engineering)

Contratista Contractor

Dalong Construction

Superficie construida Built-up area

393 m²

Fotos Photos

Kengo Kuma and Associates, Beijing Center for the Arts, Maxim HU