Chocolate Museum, Toluca
Michel Rojkind 

Chocolate Museum, Toluca

Michel Rojkind 

Located on the outskirts of the city of Toluca, at the edge of an anonymous indrustrial area filled with monothonous prismatic buildings, this is the first museum of chocolate built by the Swiss company Nestlé. Located next to the factory, the new building has been conceived as a bright red zigzagging origami piece measuring 600 square meters, and which crosses the interior spaces of the existing facilities, circulating around the production areas through a series of corridors and lookouts.

The entrance to the long 300-meter-tunnel – which rises three meters above ground level, held by concrete columns –, is through a striking lobby of access designed as an irregular funnel-shape trapezium framed by white neon lights. The only ornamental elements in the lobby are pouffes imitating the shape of chocolate bars. Next there is a small theater that, along with the shop located at the end of the itinerary, completes the museum program. A faceted exterior enclosure, built with red undulated sheet, marks a strong contrast with the white and smooth skin of the interior, where each one of the walls takes on a different hue that sets it apart from the other enclosing surfaces...[+]

Cliente Client

Arquitecto Architect
Michel Rojkind

Colaboradores Collaborators
Agustin Pereyra, Juan Carlos Vidals, Mauricio García-Noriega, Moritz Melchert, Paulina Goycolea, Daniel Dusoswa, Matthew Lohden

Contratista Contractor
Factor Eficiencia

Consultores Consultants
Moncad (ingeniería estructural structural engineering), Noriega Arquitectonics Iluminators (iluminación lighting), Ambiente Arquitectos Asociados (diseño de exteriores exterior design), Jorge Mdahuar (mobiliario furniture

Fotos Photos
Paul Rivera/