Mixed-use building for Bosideng in London
Mixed-use building for Bosideng in London

Mixed-use building for Bosideng in London


The facade of this building that serves as a branch of Bosideng – a Chinese chain of clothing stores with more than 4,000 outlets spread all over the world – seeks to present a variable image, depending on the observer’s point of view and weather conditions. It manages to do so not only through a slight curve in its form, but above all through reflecting finishes that respond to the changing quality and intensity of daylight in the course of the day. The building’s skin is ventilated and composed of a thick inner layer of thermal insulation and, over this, an outer one held in place by an auxiliary aluminum profile, and formed by special ceramic pieces – developed by architects and industrialists in collaboration – which are vitrified and joined together by a subtle dovetail to form large-size vertical surfaces whose reddish tones echo the material that characterizes the London neighborhood the building is located in: red brick.

Obra Work

Oficinas y edificio comercial Mixed-use building for Bosideng in London (UK).

Situación Location

28 South Molton Street, London.

Fecha Date


Superficie construida Floor area

1.228 m².

Cliente Client

Bosideng UK.

Arquitecto Architect

DSDHA / Deborah Saunt, David Hills, www.dsdha.co.uk

Consultor de fachada Facade consultant


Consultor de estructuras Structural engineering

BWB Consulting.

Consultor de instalaciones Services engineering

Ramboll Whitbybird.

Instalaciones mecánicas y eléctricas M & P engineering

Walker & Walker.

Aparejador Quantity surveyor

Stace LLP.

Planeamiento Planning consultant

Montagu Evans.

Arquitecto de obra Delivery architect

Ward MacHugh Associates.

Contratista principal Main contractor

McLaren Group.

Fotos Photos

Dennis Gilbert, DSDHA.