Olive West Masterplan, St. Louis
Under Construction

Olive West Masterplan, St. Louis

Under Construction

A set of internationally-recognized architects will design the residential units included in the masterplan structured by the studio, tackling issues of housing and community, fostering collective diversity, and addressing the needs of the area...

Obra Work
Olive West Masterplan, St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

Socios Partners
Catia Bilbao, Juan Pablo Benlliure

Director de proyecto Project director
Udayan Mazumdar, Mariano Castillo

Project manager
Sofía Betancur, Simona Solorzano

Equipo de diseño Design team
Emma Woodward, Alan Bigelow, Dylan Impinck

Modelo Model
Isaac Monterrosa (director de equipo team manager); Victor Castañeda, Io Plouin, Verónica Nazar, Emerson Carmona (equipo team)

Colaboración Collaboration
Michael Benz Architecture, PRODUCTORA, MOS Architects, Estudio Macías Peredo, Mitchell Wall Archt. & Design

Foto del modelo Photo of Model
Rodrigo Chapa