Hunters Point Masterplan & Substation, San Francisco

Hunters Point Masterplan & Substation, San Francisco


The urban strategy was distilled into a ‘wheel of life’; a way of seeing the co-relation between activities usually understood as separate entities – life, knowledge, production and strength –, resulting in a series of tools for designing spaces.

The project searches for a habitat made by and for people, able to merge a reality of industrialization with a dream of shared community living. The program meets these aims with modular buildings and several communication paths...[+]

Obra Work
Hunters Point Masterplan & Substation, San Francisco (USA)

Cliente Client
Pacific Gas & Electric

Plan director Masterplan
Socios Partners
Catia Bilbao
Office manager
Juan Pablo Benlliure
Project manager
Alba Cortés
Equipo Team
Mónica Lamela, Shilpa Mevada, Steven Beltrán, Anna Der, Simona Solórzano, Sonia Castañón, Yarla Rangel, Rodrigo Yáñez, Octavio Herrejón, Fernanda Arenas
Colaboradores Collaborators
Urb-in, PAU, Liz Ogbu; MLA (paisajismo landscape)

Subestación Substation
Socios Partners
Catia Bilbao, Juan Pablo Benlliure
Jefe de equipo Team leader
Udayan Mazumdar, Simona Solorzano
Equipo de diseño Design team
Sofia Betancurt, Simona Solorzano, Francisco Lozano, Alba Cortés, Mónica Lamela, Shilpa Mevada, Gonzalo Mauleón, Renata de Miguel, Sonia Castañon, Steven Beltrán, Yarla Rangel
Equipo de modelado Model team
Isaac Monterrosa, Victor Castañeda, Veronica Nazar, Eliana Lopez, Ángela Silva, Patricia Morales
Modelo Model
Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes (estudio de paneles de hormigón panel study /concrete study model)
Colaboradores Collaborators
Creo Landscape Architecture (paisajismo landscape); Forell and Elsesser Engineers, Inc.(estructura structure); Net Zero Energy / Consultant: Thornton Tomasetti (Modelado energético Energy Modeling); MHC Engineers, Inc. (Ingeniería mecánica, eléctrica y fontanería mechanical, electrical, & plumbing engineer); BKF Engineers (Ingeniería civil civil engineer); Architecture & Ligh (Diseño de iluminación lighting designer)