Staterra, Los Cabos

Staterra, Los Cabos


Built with compacted earth, the hotel blends with the landscape and includes a set of amenities inspired by the ruins and by classical architecture; villas born form interconnected cubes that rotate on their axis; and hotel rooms that are pure cubes intercepted by circles...

Obra Work
Staterra, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (Mexico)

Socios Partners
Catia Bilbao, Juan Pablo Benlliure  

Project manager
Valentina Marchetti

Equipo de diseño Design team
Sofía Batancun, Gonzalo Mauleón, Sara Brysch, Simona Solorzano, Pavel Manzano, Eugenio Laris, Rodolfo Díaz

Colaboradores Collaborators
Entorno Taller Paisaje (paisajismo landscape); MGA (estructura structure); Consultores Técnicos del Cabo (mecanica de suelos soil mechanics); PROCESA (ingenieros eléctricos electric engineers); Hidroequipos (piscinas pools); Integra IM (ingeniería hidráulica hidraulic engineer); THREE (consultora de medio ambiente enviroment consultant); TENCO (instalaciones especiales special instalations)