Lah Contemporary, Bled
Direct Commission

Lah Contemporary, Bled

Direct Commission

The surrounding landscape and the specifications of the artworks shaped the design of the museum on a sloping site. The sawtooth roof clad in dark tiles is contrasted by the bush-hammered finish of the concrete that unifies the articulated volumes... 

Lah Contemporary, Bled (Slovenia), 2016 -  

Cliente Client
Artarhiv d.o.o.

Usuario User
Lah Contemporary Art Foundation  

Arquitectos Architects
David Chipperfield Architects London  

Directores Directors
David Chipperfield, Benito Blanco, Billy Prendergast

Arquitecto de proyecto Project architect
J. Loughnane

Equipo Team
M. Ahmad, R. Alvarez, M. Ball, A. Casey, B. Criscuoli, S. Drewes, R. Couto Fernandes, F. Field, C. Gerritzen, J. Glemser, P. Jurschitzka, J. Marchbank, L. Marchesi, T. Huong Ngo, R. Pimenta, E. Pournaras, O. Presutti, N. Sakimura, O. Ulmer, R. Youle, A. Wagener, C. Vincelli, S. Peter Wurm

Colaboradores Collaborators
Elea iC (arquitecto ejecutivo executive architect), Djao-Rakitine Ltd., Bruto Landscape Architecture d.o.o. (paisajismo landscape), Expedition Engineering Ltd., Elea iC (estructuras structures), Arup Ltd., Engineering Biro, d.o.o. (ingenieros de instalaciones services engineers), Arup Ltd. (iluminación y acústica lighting and acoustic), Fojkar Fire d.o.o. (incendios fire), Directional Logic, Elea iC (aparejador quantity surveyors)