Green Vertical Housing
First Prize

Green Vertical Housing

First Prize

The residential towers shape a varied urban landscape in which the green spaces play a prominent role; each apartment has a loggia on the facade, generating a transition area between indoors and outdoors... [+]

Obra Work

Green Vertical Housing, 2013-2017


23.300 m²

Clientes Clients

Ardissa; Pitch Promotions

Responsable del proyecto?Project Architect

Abraham Piñate y Esteban Salcedo

Consultores Consultant

Carta Associés, Darie Chaussat; AT82, Celina Pigeat (arquitectos locales local architects); BASE, Dewi Nenert (paisajismo landscape); ITF, Emilie Forissier (sostenibilidad sustainability); Projex, Thibault Denoyelle (ingeniería general general engineering)