Shortlisted for the 2022 International FAD Awards, this work is an extension of the Villa Magisterial school in the district of Cerro Colorado, in Arequipa Province. The jury considered its attention to dignity in an environment of scarcity, its capacity to generate an agreeable, welcoming space, and the architectural quality of the interiors, which are orderly and permeable, open to the exterior, with a section that defines the spaces while reinforcing natural ventilation.

Giving priority to understanding both the location and the need for spatial flexibility, the project addresses the reality of the place and its resources through simple solutions, using local construction systems and materials available in the area. Brick, wood, and concrete are combined and left as they are, without cladding, the latter with the nuance of a tone resembling that which gives the place the name Cerro Colorado.

Photos courtesy of Premios FAD