Ensamble Fabrica, Pinto
R+D Project
Ensamble Fabrica, Pinto

Ensamble Fabrica, Pinto

R+D Project

Ensamble Fabrica is the manufacturing space raised by the studio in Madrid. Aside from serving as a workspace, it is also a built test for their steel and concrete hybrid technology.

This platform – from its construction to its activity in the future – is set out to change the way buildings are made today, still mostly constructed with the same premises as in the past. Materials, tools, and people are transported to the site where the building is erected and the work is done among all, always in a local way. Works are coordinated outdoors and materials and small parts are transported daily and continuously to be connected. The building is subject to availability and the local market of the place where it sits. All this has limited the introduction of the most advanced technologies in digital manufacturing, automation, and robotics of the construction processes. Something that in other industries guarantees quality, efficiency, safety and economy, in construction still seems a distant dream.

Ensamble Fabrica is the laboratory where the studio members work to develop the spaces they dream of, delivering the parts of the building ready to be assembled quickly, safely, and efficiently in-situ, anywhere in the world...[+][+]

Arquitectos Architects
Ensamble Studio

Autores del proyecto Authors of the project
Antón García-Abril & Débora Mesa

Equipo Team
Javier Cuesta (arquitecto técnico building engineer), Borja Soriano, Niccolo Ciaccheri, Federico Lepre, Massimo Loia, Alvaro Catalan, Mengyuan Cao, María José Carrillo, Mónica Acosta, Elyse Khoury, Marco Antrodicchia, Arianna Sebastiani

Promotor Developer
Ensamble Studio / WoHo Systems

Constructora Construction company
Materia Inorgánica

Estructura Structure
Jesús Huerga

Instalaciones Mechanical engineering
Úrculo Ingenieros

Superficie construida Floor area
1.150 m²

Fotos Photos
Ensamble Studio, Iwan Baan