Telcel Theater, México D.F. (in construction)
Ensamble Studio 

Telcel Theater, México D.F. (in construction)

Ensamble Studio 

In pre-Columbian cultures monuments were erected towards the Sun, considered the universal essence of life, to enhance its spiritual relationship with the Earth. Under the strong sun of Mexico City we can now find the latest completion by the Spanish office Ensamble Studio: the Cervantes Theater. Surrounded by dense and scattered buildings, this theater hides in the ground with a stereotomic architecture that releases the ground floor, offering it for public use. A large metal grid rises on the site as the main piece, named ‘dovela’ (or keystone), returning the horizontal tension to the environment and providing a new scale between the ground and the sky. The massive perception of this structure becomes, when beneath it, light and subtle, extending the space to the sky and filtering sunlight. The theater experience thus begins with a ritual access that is as exciting as a constructive process in which the gravity of the metal parts of the keystone vanishes when combined as a reticular comb over the performance spaces located below...[+]

Teatro Cervantes (Telcel) en Ciudad de México
Cervantes (Telcel) Theater

Grupo Carso / Arteria

Arquitectos Architects
Ensamble Studio

Autor del proyecto Author of the project
Antón García-Abril

Equipo Team
Javier Cuesta (arquitecto técnico building engineer), Débora Mesa, Elena Pérez (arquitectas asociadas associate architects), Alba Cortés (directora de proyecto project manager), Joaquín Gallegos, Alba Beroiz, Jaime Alcayde, Cristina Moya, Juan Ruiz Antón, Tomaso Boano, Federico Letizia

Promotor Developer
SGAE – Grupo Carso

Constructora Construction company

Estructura Structure
Colinas de Buen

Superficie construida Floor area
11.500 m²

Fotos Photos
Roland Halbe