Nuovo Portello Complex, Milan
Cino Zucchi 

Nuovo Portello Complex, Milan

Cino Zucchi 

Included in the transformation process under way in the area, the intervention opens up for public use an old industrial precinct of the Fira by way of paths that connect it with the urban fabric. A new plaza generates a pedestrian diagonal street that leads to the main gate of the new park. The project comprises three different types of residential buildings, two of them for social housing and the third for private. The first is constituted by three blocks of eight floors whose orientation maximizes exposure to sunlight and the views onto the park while protecting the dwellings from the noise of the busy thoroughfare, onto which only the blind facades flow. The second type is represented by two towers whose windows of varied forms and proportions, different closing mechanisms – sliding or rolling – and parapets – of metal or sheet – are combined to capture the best views of the city. The pitched roof and the facade of bleached terra-cotta pieces and white stone are a critical reference to Milan’s postwar architecture. Lastly, the three towers of private residential promotion rest haphazardly on a restricted-access garden. The severe modulation of their facades is counteracted by the rich variety of colors and the broad material palette... [+]

Cliente Client

Auredia s.r.l

Arquitectos Architects

Cino Zucchi, Pietro Bagnoli & Leonardo Berretti, Elisa Leoni (proyecto preliminar preliminary project) Cino Zucchi, Pietro Bagnoli, Cristina Balet, Leonardo Berretti, Silvia Cremaschi, Elisa Leoni, Maria Rita Solimando, Helena Sterpin & Reem Almannai, Francesco Cazzola, Filippo Carcano, Maria Chiara D’Amico, Thilo De Gregorio, Sang Soo Han, Manuela Parolo (proyecto final final project) Nicola Bianchi, Andrea Viganò, Cino Zucchi & Leonardo Berretti, Chiara Frassi, Ivan Bernardini, Irene Bino, Claudia Brivio, Michele Corno, Linda Pirovano, Gabriella Trotta, Nükhet Anadal, Chiara Toscani (proyecto ejecutivo y dirección de arte executive project and art direction)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Fulvio Leonardelli (dirección de obra construction management); Vittore Ceretti (dirección de obra construction management); Gianluca Cavazza, Marco Pizzuto (infografías renderings)

Consultores Consultants

Pirelli & C. Real Estate Project Management S.p.A. (coordinación coordination); Sajni e Zambetti s.r.l. (estructura structure); Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi s.r.l. (instalaciones mechanical engineering)

Contratista Contractor

Marcora Costruzioni S.p.A.