Origami Houses, Tokyo

Architecture Global Aid 

The seven shelter-houses, folded and inserted in an envelope, function as school desks. Built out of floating wood, their bright colors allow for them to be easily identified and retrieved amid the debris that a tsunami leaves behind...[+]

Origami Houses, Tokyo / Miyagi (Japan) - Architecture Global Aid

Arquitectos Architects
Architecture Global Aid —Andrea González, Yuko Ono— Ingenieros Engineers: Matsumoto Yoshihisa and Mario di Prof Walker from Tokyo Institute of Technology

Ayudantes de construcción Construction assitants
Petya Nikolova, Charissa Ferrera, Anara Molkenova, Katrine Hamre Sørlie, Laura Myllyluoma, Kisa Fujiwara, Yasuda Koichi Laboratory students at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Constructor Constructor

Cliente Client
Omori 6th Junior Highschool

Consultores Suppliers