K House, Stockholm

Tham & Videgård 

The single-family house in Stocksund, a residential area on the outskirts of Stockholm, is a long and thin block with cut-outs for light, double-heights, and a roof terrace. Through its position on the site, placed perpendicular to the property entrance, the house is experienced almost exclusively at a frontal angle, and appears as if just a line, a wall with a certain depth to fit in space for living. The shallow block provides spaces that can introduce light from several directions. This is enhanced by the two double-heights that also guide views diagonally through the interior. Movement through the house is characterized by visual shortcuts, spaces, and activities that overlap. The entrance, bathrooms, kitchen, and stairs form a services band that permits freeing up the rest of the ground level for more public uses. Meanwhile, the more private areas occupy the upper level. The main structure is built in in situ cast concrete, which is exposed in the cantilevered entrance canopy, only seven centimeters thin. Facades are stained black 18 mm plywood panels (600/900/1200 x 900 mm), mounted in layers on a slowly grown pine framework (50 x 150 mm)...[+]

Privado private

Tham & Videgård / Bolle Tham, Martin Videgård (socios partners); Henrik Lundén (equipo team)

SuperficieFloor area
285 m²

Fotos Photos
Åke E:son Lindman