House of Hungarian Music in Budapest
Sou Fujimoto 

House of Hungarian Music in Budapest

Sou Fujimoto 

A sinuous roof that merges with the lush vegetation of the historic Városliget crowns an exhibition center devoted to the rich musical tradition – cultivated and popular – of the Magyar country.

The undulating disk of the roof, perforated in an irregular pattern and covered on the underside by a foliage-inspired ceiling, filters natural light and recreates an undergrowth environment sheltered by trees.

The program, which includes concert halls and classrooms, is distributed in three layers: a ground level where the larger rooms are located, an open-plan floor in continuity with the park, and the passable roof.

House of Hungarian Music
Budapest (Hungary).

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Városliget Zrt.

Sou Fujimoto Architects / Sou Fujimoto (principal in charge); Shintaro Honma, Marie de France, Yibei Liu, Roberto Sanz Asensio, Rugved Rane, Jacopo Todisco, Duc Ngo, Nicolas Gustin, James Tanner, Piotr Pasierbiński, Elliott Friedman, María Biurrun, Melody Hwang, César Márquez Coiradas, Jaime López de Hierro, Hideto Chijiwa, Jane Luk, Jacky Tang, Andrés Velasco Muro, Tang Li Qun, Joanne Chen, Ilginezgi, Marcello Galiotto, Nadine de Ripainse (team).

M-Teampannon (architect of record); Arup, Kenese, Terraplan (structure); Lanterv, Körös Consult (MEP services); HungaroProject (electricity); Gardenworks (landscape); Sirius Lighting Office (lighting design); Nagata Acoustics (acoustics).

Magyar Építő Zrt.

9.000 m².

Iwan Baan; Liget Budapest