House of Hungarian Music, Budapest
Sou Fujimoto 

House of Hungarian Music, Budapest

Sou Fujimoto 

Inspired in the worlds of nature and of music, the Japanese studio won in 2014 the competition to build the House of Hungarian Music, to be built in Budapest’s largest park. An undulated disc, pierced by random openings, is elevated on slender supports and frees up the ground level from obstacles to welcome visitors that arrive from any direction, letting them walk around at ease. The program is not limited to the usual one of a museum, but is conceived as a broader vision where architecture is part of experience. The building is part of the Liget Budapest Project, an ambitious urban initiative that foresees the complete renewal of the city’s most iconic park.

Elevated off the ground between the tree tops of the iconic City Park in Budapest, the project recreates the sensation of being protected by greenery thanks to a huge circular roof that is perforated to filter light and blur its contours.

The roof’s interior houses a series of rooms and a library; below it shelters a free-flowing space that welcomes group events and activities for visitors; and the exhibition rooms are placed underground. The whole builidng is fully integrated in its context.

Inspired by sound waves, the roof’s structure has no straight angles, and its thickness varies to house the program and is perforated to let light in. By installing 120 heat pumps 100 meters deep it is possible to supply geothermal energy and add cllimate control systems.

To achieve the effect of a light, transparent architecture that is connected to the environment, the side walls were built with bespoke greenish glass panels with thermal insulation and reaching a height of 12 meters at some points.

The decoration of the lowered ceiling is carried out with abstract leaves on a black backdrop the forms of which are drawn from a 15x15 cm grid. The golden hue of these pieces and that of the interior of the skylights reflects sunlight and create different effects on surfaces.

Obra Work
Casa de la Música Húngara 
Forest of Music, Budapest (Hungary)

Cliente Client
Museo de Bellas Artes de Budapest y  Városliget Zrt. The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and the Városliget Zrt. 100% owned by the Hungarian State

Arquitectos Architects
Sou Fujimoto

Equipo Team
Sou Fujimoto, Marie de France, Jane Luk, Marcello Galiotto, Nicolas Gustin, Nadine de Ripainse, César Márquez, María Biurrun, Piotr Pasierbiński (antiguos empleados former staff); Roberto Sanz Asensio, Rugved Rane, Duc Ngo

Ingeniería de estructuras Structural engineers
ARUP (durante el concurso during the competition)

Acústica Acoustics
Nagata acoustics

Optimización estructural de la cubierta, planos y preparación para fabricación y ensamblajeStructural optimization of spatial steel roof, fabrication planning, and preparing for fabrication and assembly
ARS-S Group