Caen Peninsula Redevelopment

In order to improve the connection between the historical center and the seafront of the French city of Caen, the 550-hectare masterplan will redevelop the peninsula and the neighboring towns of Mondeville and Hérouville, located by the Orne River. 

The ‘Great Mosaic’ consists of a number of small interventions on existing stuctures: the transformation of former factories into gardens, a highly connected mobility plan, the reconstruction of the city center and a series of new pedestrian bridges...[+]



Arquitecto colaboradorCo-architect
Diagram Architecture 

Gestor de proyecto Project Manager
Frans de Witte

Jefe del proyecto Project Leader
Bertrand Schippan

Equipo de diseño Design Team
Winy Maas, Jacob Van Rijs, Nathalie De Vries, Maxime Enrico, Marie Saladin, Pauline Degrand Guillaud, Linda Andersson, Johan Schweig

Socios Partners
Territoires (paisajismo landscape), Pro Developpment (urbanistas urbanists), Egis (infraestructuras infrastructure), Philippe Cabane (sociólogo sociologist)