Yuzi Paradise is envisioned as a vacation resort in the midst of twenty-two mountains that make up the singular landscape of Guilin. The site extends over 540 hectares of undeveloped land which already has the ideal natural features to become a paradise. The masterplan strategy – developed between Steven Holl Architects, Ryue Nishizawa, Transsolar, Guy Nordenson, and Ensamble Studio – becomes a matter of identifying those features unique to Guilin and exploiting their potential to create a new space.

Areas requiring greater density are located on the perimeter of the site, connected to local communities and organized in five villages. It is here where residential programs and other support activities are situated, so that the rest of the land is reserved to recreation, exploration, and retreat, all linked to intense experiences of the landscape. In this landscape, hidden potential is discovered and its resources activated. Subterranean water is used to create a large water body that will prevent further development, facilitate transportation and harvest the energy that will be locally consumed. Cavities inside mountains house special programs such as spas, art galleries, and meditation halls...[+]

Arquitectos Architects
Ensamble Studio

Autores del proyecto Authors of the project
Steven Holl Architects, Ensamble Studio, Ryue Nishizawa, Transsolar, Guy Nordenson

Promotor Developer
Guang T. Tsao

Superficie construida Floor area
5.400.000 m²