Start-Up Center, Seoul
Second Prize
Start-Up Center, Seoul

Start-Up Center, Seoul

Second Prize

Located north of Seoul, the project for a startup center is part of an urban regeneration plan that aims to transform this region into an economic and culture hub.

The architecture defines a framework that supports and serves the different programs and also contains the main structure. Inside it, a variety of architectures can take place according to needs, enabling continuity or independence between them thanks to the distribution of vertical cores that turn the building into a large flexible space. Originating from a carved ground, the center builds an abstract topography as transition from park to city. Programs, circulations, and views are intertwined balancing visibility and privacy.

The strategic selection of resources needed for its construction optimizes quality, time, and costs. The primary structure of concrete and steel can be assembled and allows integrating the necessary mechanical and transport systems; the secondary structures enclose specific programs and provide them with particular climatic and light conditions. The capacity of the architecture and the interior spaces to be redefined, and of new technologies and services to be progressively incorporated will guarantee the long life of the complex... [+][+]

Arquitectos Architects
Ensamble Studio

Autores del proyecto Authors of the project
Antón García-Abril & Débora Mesa

Equipo Team
Simone Cavallo, Massimo Loia, Joakim Aslund, Argyris Mavronikolas, Mengyuan Cao, Monica Acosta

Promotor Developer
Seoul City

Superficie construida Floor area
16.500 m² (edificio building)
334.750 m² (masterplan)