University Building in Bialystok
Arkon Jan Kabac  Meteor Architects 
University Building in Bialystok

University Building in Bialystok

Arkon Jan Kabac  Meteor Architects 

Containing an auditorium, a theater, conference rooms, lecture halls, music and plastic arts rooms, and a cafeteria, this university building adapts to the irregular geometry of the site through a tiered profile, sharpening as the floor plans narrows to form a pointed and expressionist corner. The dynamic quality of the result is accentuated by the curvature of the elevation in the entrance area, as well as by the light and progressive shifting of the floor plans, with the cantilevers increasing towards the corner. Reinforced by impost lines and by shadows produced by the cantilevers, the horizonal emphasis is counterbalanced by the modular scheme of the rest of the facade, marked by the emphatic vertical rhythm of windows and details.

In order to achieve the bending and curving effects with maximum simplicity, it was decided that copper panels be used, and all in brown. These 0.7-millimeter-thick panels are placed by means of cross-seam joints on plywood panels 18 millimeters thick which give them rigidity. Completing the facade is a conventional subframe of aluminum profiles fixed to plaques in a a three-dimensional arrangement to facilitate perfect verticality of the envelope and be able to absorb the irregularities of the inner loadbearing layer. To wrap up the exposed lateral edges of the panels, the jambs of the windows, and the lower surfaces of the cantilevers, special pieces of the same material were used to clad the rest of the building’s facade.

Obra Work

Edificio para la Facultad de Pedagogía y Psicología de la Universitad de Bialystok Lecture and Performance Hall for the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at the University of Bialystok (Poland).

Arquitectos Architects

Arkon Jan Kabac & Meteor Architects / Jan Kabac, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak,

Contratista princial General contractor

Polbud, S.A.

Cobre Copper


Bloques hormigón Concrete bricks

CJ blok.

Sujeción bloques Brickwork support system


Ventanas Windows


Techos Ceilings


Techos de cobre Copper ceilings


Iluminación Lighting


Puertas de madera Wooden doors


Ventilación Ventilation


Paneles móviles Mobile walls


Fotos Photos

Bogdan Pszonak.