The Stadskantoor is a new building for the city hall that will accommodate services, offices, residential units, shops and parking in the center of Rotterdam. Attached to another municipal building from 1953, the new building wishes to adjust to its neighbor by keeping the same floor slab levels. The project is generated as a repetition of modular units gradually set back from the street as they rise into two irregular peaks. The building’s composition of smaller cells creates a complex and impressive shape, but whose presence is perfectly moderated with the setbacks. The innovative structural system generates maximum efficiency and versatility: units can adapt either office space or residential parameters, and units can be added or dismounted as the demands on the building change over time. The structure consists of three-dimensional Vierendeel beams, that free up the street space creating an open public plinth towards the city. The brief asked for a sustainable building, achieved through two large atriums connected to a climate system that stores warmth and cold to control temperature as required. The facade uses hi-tech translucent insulation that allows for energy efficiency.

Cliente Client

Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam (OBR)

Desarrollo de diseño Design development

Partners-in-charge: Rem Koolhaas, Reinier de Graaf. Associate: Alex de Jong. Project team: Philippe Braun, Clarisa Garcia Fresco, Maaike Hawinkels, Andrew Linn, Takeshi Murakuni, Peter Rieff, Tom Tang, Sakine Dicle Uzunyayla, Mark Veldman. Interior team: Saskia Simon, Andrea Giannotti, Ross O’Connell, Mafalda Rangel, Lucia Zamponi, Grisha Zotov

Colaboradores Collaborators

Local architect: Abt. Process management: Brinkgroep BV. Structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft. Sustainability, Building physics and fire consultant: DGMR Bouw. Cost consultant: Abt. MEP engineer: Deerns Raadgevende ingenieurs

Fase de concurso Competition phase

Competition team: Pascual Bernad, Vilhelm Christensen, Alessandro De Santis, Katrien van Dijk, Jake Forster, David Gianotten, Alasdair Graham, Mendel Robbers, Dirk Peters, Tsuyoshi Nakamoto, Timur Shabaev, Yuri Suzuki, Mark Veldman, Milos Zivkovic. Engineering, structural and installations: Abt. Sustainability consultants: Werner Sobek Green Technologies. Cost consultants: PRC. Model: OMA. Model photography: Frans Parthesius. 3D renderings: OMA

Presupuesto Budget

€ 65 million

Programa Program

Total 43,370 m² (6,760 m² Stadswinkel XL; 15,730 m² municipal offices; apartments 10,700 m²; central space and support 2,290 m²; retail 1,500 m²; parking 3,818 m²)

Fotos Photos

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