The MaoHaus, Beijing

The MaoHaus, Beijing

AntiStatics Architecture 

The six concrete panels of seven centimeters that cover the facade with the portrait of Mao Zedong were designed using fluid dynamics algorithms to optimize the transport of loads, thanks to which the envelope doesn’t need a substructure... [+]

The MaoHaus

Arquitectos Architects

AntiStatics Architecture

Arquitectos principales Lead Architects

Martin Miller, Mo Zheng

Equipo Team

Luke Theodorius E. D. Santoso, Zhiwen Sun, Frank Lee

Colaboradores Collaborators

eGRow (fabricantes de fachadas façade manufacturers); Tanzo Space (gestión del edificio e interior building management and interior); Tino Kwan (asesor de iluminación lighting consultant)

Fotos Photos

Xia Zhi, AntiStatics