Summer Shelter, Bueu

Ramón Vázquez Molezún 

Ramón Vázquez Molezún was forty-five years old when he drew up the project for his summer refuge in Bueu, where he would spend long periods resting with his family. Born in La Coruña in 1922, he graduated from university in 1948 and furthered his training on a grant at Rome’s Architecture Academy. On returning to Spain in 1952, he paired up with the Madrid architect José Antonio Corrales, with whom he would execute most of his works and earn, in 1992, just a year before he died, in recognition of an entire career, the Spanish Gold Medal of Architecture.

Considered a tireless inventor, he even fabricated his own drawing instruments, among them a ‘technigraph’ out of pieces of an old bicycle, an adaptable ‘scalimeter’ with which to change scales, a drawing pen that drew lines with dots and strokes, as well as several devices that simulated different schemes. He was also an exceptional mechanic. In his inseparable partner’s words: “Ramón was an inventor. He liked carpentry and mechanics. He had his own boat in Bueu, but hardly sailed in it. He preferred to invent and build pieces for it”... [+]